Saudi Aramco Signs MoU to Build $44 Billion Refinery Complex in India

A memorandum of understanding with a consortium of oil companies in India outlines a refinery with a cost of around $44 billion. Saudi Aramco said Wednesday it followed a mega deal with French energy company Total with a $44 billion refinery agreement with India. “Investing in India is a key part of Saudi Aramco’s global […]

AMC Entertainment to Open 4,000 Movie Theaters Across Saudi Premiering With ‘Black Panther’ on Apr 18

(BE2C2 Report) — During Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman’s visit to Los Angeles on Wednesday, the American Theater Company (AMC) will issue the first license to operate cinemas in the Kingdom, Okaz reported on Tuesday. In a related note, Black Panther will be the opening film for first Saudi cinema in 35 years– the […]

Foreign Investors Can Set Up Domestic Workers’ Recruitment Agencies in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi General Investment Authority (SAGIA) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development said on Friday foreign investors are allowed to set up domestic workers’ recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia. The move aims to raise competitiveness level in the recruitment sector, offer wide-ranging options that fit customers, develop the sector through benefiting from international […]

Residential Rent Continues to Drop in Saudi Arabia as Expat Families Leave

The rent for residential units in Saudi Arabia continues to decrease since the downward trend began about six months ago when the exodus of expatriate families started following the imposition of dependent levy,